3 thoughts on “South Carolina’s $9 billion nuclear fiasco – another legal saga develops, criminal investigation coming”

  1. Dick, you know, in the long run, there was NOTHING wrong with the plant! It still should have been built once the swindlers were put in jail and accounts settled with the state. There is no technical reason that the plant should not again be under construction as there is a ton of sunk cost already in it. You gonna sell the parts to defray the initial swindlers cost back to the state. Doesn’t seem correct. The state undertook the original contract so the state should, through insurance or whatever, absorb the swindled cost and return to building a plant that is some reasonable percentage complete. Again, there is nothing technically wrong with the plant! Regards, Don Donald J. Spellman Andersonville, TN 37705 cardinalcapital14@gmail.com


    1. Don,
      I agree completely. I think it was a case of poor management by folks living in the grand campus outside Columbia and not running the project as it should have been. I would call it a lack of “Hands On” management. Lacking that….it was a failure. Vogtle seems to be somewhat better managed but unlike SCE&G, Southern Company has a strong will to succeed. Hope they do!


  2. Dick “nuclear fiasco” is like calling an economic meltdown a money problem. As I said earlier, it had NOTHING TO DO with nuclear.

    Regards Don

    On Fri, Oct 1, 2021 at 8:12 AM dickstormprobizblog’s Blog wrote:

    > dickstormprobizblog posted: ” 3 years later: How the fallout from SC’s $9 > billion nuclear fiasco continues Post and Courier, By Avery G. Wilks and > Andrew Brown awilks@…South Carolina’s $9 billion nuclear fiasco – another > legal saga develops, criminal investigation coming ” >


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