Earth Day: Let’s Celebrate True Sustainability and a continuance of our high quality of life

Reasonable cost, abundant and efficient energy has improved the lives of billions of people all over the world. The relationship of energy use and Quality of life for humankind has been proven. But, you would not know it listening to Green extremist viewpoints. I do not need to elaborate on who some of them are.

I enjoyed a long career working in the electric power and primary metals industries over 50+ years. I traveled the world and have seen with my own two eyes the difference that energy can make to improve lives. Many of the Blessings we Americans take for granted, such as clean water, clean air, easy mobility to travel, food stores with full shelves of safe, fresh food are not enjoyed by billions of people on the planet. If you can imagine it, nearly a billion souls do not have access to electricity and refrigeration. So, here are my thoughts on energy and Earth Day. Computers are marvelous, this one allowed me to dig back to an Earth Day Ad I placed in the “Stanly News and Press” back in 2015. Things have not changed much since then. My six year old ad is below, published during the Obama Administration:

Some things do not change except this time, the Democrat’s control both Congress and the Whitehouse. In my opinion, the dangerous green and Socialistic policies they are promoting will not serve Americans very well. Nor will they do anything to improve Mother Earth.

I enjoy clean air, clean water and nature. I have seven wonderful Grandchildren, all of which I love and care about. Of course I want clean air and clean water too! The Democrat Party Leftists wish to harm America and make us subservient to China. I do not see that as positive for any soul on the planet.

For further reading of Pro-Science, Pro-American and Common Sense informative articles, I suggest the web sites below:

May God continue to Bless America with all of our many comforts, conveniences and yes, abundant and reliable energy. All Fuels are Important!

Dick Storm, April 22, 2021