Remember that claim “global warming is causing cherry trees to bloom earlier” ? – Never mind, light pollution is likely the cause

A good article with excellent illustrations and photos

Watts Up With That?

Oh this is funny. I pointed out the other day on Twitter that “Global Warming is the universal boogeyman of the left”. Almost anything that seems slightly out of the ordinary in the natural world now seems to have global warming or climate change immediately slapped on it as the cause. I blame the education system and the lack of teaching critical thinking. One of the most famous knee jerk reactions aided and abetted by a graph that should have had a caveat from the “correlation is not causation” department comes from the Washington Post environmental reporter Jason Samenow:


His article: D.C.’s cherry blossoms have shifted 5 days earlier: what about global warming and the future? immediately puts warming as the blame, excluding any other possibility, because, see there’s this graph he made, and the evidence is right there:

My analysis of temperatures and blooms dates reveals Washington’s average…

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