My Paid Ad for ENERGY AWARENESS IN 2015 & HERE We Go Again

I came across the ad below which was a paid ad, published April 21, 2015, Some things do not change very much regarding where we get our energy and how we use it. At the time, I was living in NC and I was very concerned about the anti energy, anti-nuclear policies of President Obama. Also, jobs in Stanly County, NC (about 30 miles east of Charlotte, NC)

Well after President Biden’s first week in office here we go again with canceling pipelines, fighting Hydraulic Fracturing and creating more Regulations that resist keeping America strong and energy independent.

The 2015 ad is copied below:

Notice the PIE Chart from the EIA in 2015 which represents the full year 2014. Compare that to the EIA Chart for energy sources in 2019 below:

Renewables increased from 9% to 11% over four years. The primary difference is in the makeup of the conventional energy, where natural gas replaced much of the coal use. This of course is due to the, currently low cost per million Btu’s of natural gas. That may change with President Biden’s continued war on carbon.

I thought I would share this for anyone who may be interested. Energy Independence and Economic Prosperity are related. Does anyone think President Biden and Congress will ever get it?

Dick Storm

January 28, 2021

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